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Gr.Ch Pr.Cali Gril Hawkins Spirit

On 08/05/2006 a great pup was born and when we broth him home he was name Hawkins Thank you Rebecca Harris for a outstanding pup I took him to the top on showing , and he even was in the Top Ten at times though the years. one time at the  Washington National Hawkins and Raina too brace together that was so much fun he was the best dog to have to  travel along with  or just to hang out with but watch out he had plenty of gas to make you leave the room Hawkins took care of his family went from room to room each night but always ended up with Cody every night he was love by all. the day came a very sad day for  Cody and myself we  took him to see Dr Butchko for one last time he had been sick since 2016 of Dec but always bonce back but  on 09/13/2017 a  True great dog pass away  Hawkins. As we brought him home to be bury alone the side walk were the dogs who left before him we said our last good by to a great dog Cody, Micaela  and myself  we love you Hawkins